All-Time Fantasy Teams: Pittsburgh Pirates

Posted: January 31, 2011 in All-Time Fantasy Teams

Over the next few days we’ll begin to slowly roll out our first posts. The theme for these posts is basic, but will I’m sure, lend itself to a great deal of debate. Each Major League baseball team’s All-Time Fantasy All-Star team. First up: Pittsurgh Pirates.

Pittsburgh Pirates All-Time Fantasy Team (Single Season Stats)


 Jason Kendall (1999)

 Catchers aren’t normally known for being speed demons, but Kendall’s 22 swipes in the ’99 season has to certainly be considered one of the best speed seasons for any backstop in the history of the game (he was caught only 3 times). Add that to a .332 BA and you’ve got one hell of a season for a catcher.

 .332 BA/ 61 R/ 8 HR/ 22 SB/ 41 RBI/ .511 SLG


 Willie Stargell (1971)

 A huge power guy who wasn’t a threat to burn up the base paths, Stargell’s ’71 campaign was impressive on a number of levels. What it boils down to though is exactly what you want from your first baseman: big power and run production.

 .295 BA/ 104 R/ 48 HR/ 0 SB/ 125 RBI/ .628 SLG


 Bill Mazeroski (1958)

 Mazeroski is perhaps best known for his ‘Shot Heard Round the World” and even his impeccable defense (all time leader in double plays turned). Maz’s 1958 season may not be earth shattering, but it was still above average for the time.

 .275 BA/ 69 R/ 19 HR/ 68 RBI/ 1 SB/ .439 SLG


 Pie Traynor (1923)

 Traynor’s season in 1923 may not stack up against some of the power numbers that we expect third baseman of this generation to put up, but it wasn’t any less impressive. Showing some pop for his time, and added great speed and run scoring, Traynor was able to put together a great campaign.

 .338 BA/ 108 R/ 12 HR/ 28 SB/ 101 RBI/ .489 SLG


 Honus Wagner (1905)

 Even though some may associate his name with a famous baseball card, Honus Wagner was, and is still, one of the greatest baseball players to put on spikes. A perennial speed and on-base machine, his 1905 season was just plain amazing as he had an on-base percentage north of .400 (.427 to be exact).

 .363 BA/ 114 R/ 6 HR/ 57 SB/ 101 RBI/ .505 SLG


Barry Bonds (1993)

You could argue that his 1992 season was more impressive, but for me the 93’ season set the standard for a total offensive package: Huge power, huge speed, and a ton of runs. It doesn’t get much better.

 .336 BA/ 129 R/ 46 HR/ 29 SB/ 123 RBI/.677 SLG

 Ralph Kiner (1949)

Though he was never a threat to swipe many bags, Kiner’s power and run production were second to none. His power numbers in ’49 would be amazing in any era and set the standard for all Pirates sluggers to be judged against thereafter.

 .310 BA/ 116 R/ 54 HR/ 6 SB/ 127 RBI/ .658 SLG

 Roberto Clemente (1967)

Although he was primarily known for his slick fielding and cannon-like arm, Clemente was an underrated and underappreciated hitter. The career .317 hitter put up a ridiculous average in ’67 and coupled it with great numbers across the board

 .357 BA/ 103 R/ 23 HR/ 9 SB/ 110 RBI/ .554 SLG


 Andy Van Slyke (1988)

Van Slyke won’t be enshrined in the Hall anytime soon, but his ’88 season was pretty darn good. He would never again reach some of the totals he put up that year, but it was certainly a season to remember.

 .288 BA/ 101 R/ 25 HR/30 SB/ 100 RBI/ .506 SLG

Starting Pitcher: TIE

 Bob Veale (1968)

 Veale’s 1968 was impressive not only for the fact that he approached 280 innings, but the fact that he kept his ERA under three in the process. The K’s were high and the batting average against was low- not much here that you can argue with.

 279.2 IP/ 18 W/ 14 CG/ 250 K/ 2.74 ERA/ 1.24 WHIP

 Doug Drabek (1990)

Drabek gets the nod here as well, if only for the fact that he won so many games. His K’s were a little low, but the ERA and WHIP were fantastic. Nine complete games certainly doesn’t hurt either.

 231.1 IP/ 22 W/ 9 CG/ 131 K/ 2.76 ERA/ 1.06 WHIP

Relief Pitcher:

Mike Williams (2002)

 The peripherals aren’t overwhelming, but a 46 save season is tops in my book. Only blowing 4 chances during the entire season, and adding 43 K’s to a .233 BA against makes it a fine season for sure.

 61.1 IP/ 46 Saves/  43 K/ 2.93 ERA/ 1.22 WHIP


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