All-Time Fantasy Teams: Houston Astros

Posted: February 7, 2011 in All-Time Fantasy Teams

All-Time Fantasy Teams: Houston Astros (Single-Season Stats)


Craig Biggio (1991)

Biggio is the only player thus far to make his team’s list at multiple positions. An All-Star season in 1991 forced the ‘Stros to move him to 2nd base to reduce the wear and tear on his lower body. Turned out to be a great decision for the club and their future Hall of Famer.

.295 BA/ 79 R/ 4 HR/ 46 RBI/ 19 SB/ .374 SLG


Jeff Bagwell (1999)

Seriously amazing. That just about sums up Bag’s ’99 season. A 40/30 year to go along with 143 runs as he played every game that season. I’d run out of adjectives if I tried to describe his fantastic year. The numbers speak for themselves.

.304 BA/ 143 R/ 42 HR/ 126 RBI/ 30 SB/ .591 SLG


Craig Biggio (1998)

Part-two of the dreaded Killer Bs, Biggio mounted one of the greatest single seasons in the history of the position. His 20/50 campaign, coupled with a 123 runs and a great batting average, make up a truly dynamic offensive threat.

.325 BA/ 123 R/ 20 HR/ 88 RBI/ 50 SB/ .503 SLG


Ken Caminiti (1994)

This was a surprisingly thin crop and Caminiti’s selection was not a sure-thing. His best (and perhaps steroid-induced) seasons came after his move to San Diego. Ken’s defense was always fantastic, but his offensive output was not. The ’94 season was his best in Texas. I’m very luke-warm with this selection.  

.283 BA/ 63 R/ 18 HR/ 75 RBI/ 4 SB/ .495


Dickie Thon (1983)

For those of you who don’t remember him- yes that is his real name. Thon will never be a candidate for the Hall of Fame, but ’83 was an All-Star season for him. He added a Silver Slugger to the trophy case due to a great mix of power and speed.

.286 BA/ 81 R/ 20 HR/ 79 RBI/ 34 SB/ .457 SLG


Cesar Cedeno (1974)

Cedeno was one of the first true stars for the Houston franchise, and his unique blend of speed, and power, and run production would play nicely on any team, during any generation. A four-time All-Star and five-time Gold Glove winner, CC may be one of the most underrated outfielders of the 1970s.

.269 BA/ 95 R/ 26 HR/ 102 RBI/ 57 SB/ .338 SLG

 Lance Berkman (2001)

The Big Puma, as he is affectionately known, put together a fantastic ’01 season. His mastery of the strike-zone is apparent in his .431 on-base percentage, and his power played great in his home ballpark all summer long. The final offensive line below is truly impressive.

.331 BA/ 110 R/ 34 HR/ 126 RBI/ 7 SB/ .620 SLG

Hunter Pence (2010)

When trying to compile a fantasy team I try to compile a well-rounded and versatile group. Balance is invaluable and across the board production is rare indeed. Pence’s numbers may not jump off the page at you, but his numbers are steady and consistent. I’ll take them anytime.

 .282 BA/ 93 R/ 25 HR/ 91 RBI/ 18 SB/ .461

Starting Pitcher

Mike Scott (1986)

As much as I wanted to include Roy Oswalt and Nolan Ryan (my all-time favorite pitcher) here, its impossible to ignore Scott’s total domination of the National League during his Cy Young award winning ’86 season. Scott did it all that summer and his K/BB ratio is unbelievable.

275.1 IP/ 18 W/ 7 CG/ 306 K/ 2.22 ERA/ .92 WHIP

Relief Pitcher

Billy Wagner (2003)

The Wag’s summer of 2003 included not just 44 saves in 47 chances, but also great peripherals. The ERA and WHIP were great, but perhaps most impressive was the fact that he kept opposing hitters to a .169 batting average.

86.0 IP/ 44 SV/ 105 K/ 1.78 ERA/ .087 WHIP


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