Mock Draft Round 2

Posted: February 8, 2011 in Mock Draft

As we continue to work on our 2011 Mock Draft we will be slowly rolling out a few rounds at a time. We will post the draft in its entirety (without comments) at the conclusion of this process in addition to each team’s complete roster. Here are the results of Round 2. Rounds three and four should follow later this afternoon.

Adam 3 David Wright 3B His K rate last year was alarming, but he’s the most complete player left.
Brent 3 Roy Halladay SP Lifetime .123 BA, but a heck of a good pitcher.
Geoff 3 Chase Utley 2B He’s healthy, and will put up big numbers this year. .290-110-30-95-15.
Steve 3 Matt Holliday OF Steady as it comes. Protection from Pujols certainly doesn’t hurt either.
Steve 2 Mark Teixeira 1B A premier power hitter that brings his hard hat and lunch pail everyday.
Geoff 2 Ryan Howard 1B He’s not going to hit under 40 this year. I’m guessing 48 and 2 steals.
Brent 2 Ryan Zimmerman  3B Shallow position and not many great 3B left. Will go nice with Cano.
Adam 2 Dustin Pedroia 2B The “Laser Show” should be primed for a career year in the Sox’ new lineup.
Adam 1 Alex Rodriguez 3B As long as his hip cooperates, he’s the last elite 3B option on the board.
Brent 1 Kevin Youkilis  1B His 3rd base eligibilty will help his value and my gut is next one is way down the list.
Geoff 1 Felix Hernandez SP As solid as they get for SP. With a li’l help from his lineup he could be #1 SP.
Steve 1 Prince Fielder 1B If his every other season production continues, then he’s in for a monster season.

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