Mock Draft Rounds 3 and 4

Posted: February 9, 2011 in Mock Draft

The mocking continues…in my opinion the real fun starts after round 4. We’ll take a look at rounds five and six tomorrow.

Round 3      
Steve 1 Joe Mauer C Not a big fan of taking a catcher with 3rd pick, but his perennial battle for a batting title is undeniable.
Geoff 1 Andrew McCutchen OF Some may think this is early for the Dread Pirate, but I’ll take a 20/30 anyday.
Brent 1 Shin Soo Choo OF I think Choo Is one of the safest players in Baseball. 300-90-20-90-20 
Adam 1 Matt Kemp OF A 20-20 guy even in a bad year, he should be much better with Joe Torre not around.
Adam 2 Buster Posey C/1B Young stud should get more PA than a normal C since he’ll be playing 1B on days he doesn’t catch.
Brent 2 Jose Reyes SS Healthy Reyes gives me much needed production from weak position.
Geoff 2 Jose Bautista 3B/OF Even if he comes back down to earth, he’ll still hit 30 HR with a high OBP.
Steve 2 Derek Jeter SS This is higher than his #’s from last season should dictate, but I really feel like he’ll play up to this draft spot.
Steve 3 Justin Upton OF 2010 was a down year, but Upton’s talents are far too impressive to pass up. 
Geoff 3 Kendry Morales 1B Freak injury last year shouldn’t affect his power or production moving forward. 
Brent 3 Ian Kinsler 2B Solid all around when healthy
Adam 3 Tim Lincecum SP 2-time Cy Young winner is still one of the elite, but at a reduced price this year.
 Round 4      
Adam 3 Nelson Cruz OF If he stays healthy, this guy is a 5-category monster.
Brent 3 Adam Dunn 1B 50 HR possible in new home!
Geoff 3 Adam Wainwright P Consistency is hard to come by with pitching; there’s no reason to think he won’t be great again this season.
Steve 3 Cliff Lee P See Wainwright, Adam.
Steve 2 Dan Uggla 2B 30 HR power now hitting in a much better lineup.
Geoff 2 Victor Martinez C/1B Solid if not spectacular production. Should see more fastballs with Miggy hitting behind him.
Brent 2 Justin Morneau 1B Back to normal this year will bring solid numbers. .300-30-100-100 possible with healthy lineup.
Adam 2 Jason Heyward OF Can’t believe he’s still here.  Paying a bit for potential, but already very good.
Adam 1 Jon Lester SP Future Cy Young winner just entering his prime.  Is this the year?
Brent 1 Josh Johnson SP With a few more wins could be elite fantasy pitcher.
Geoff 1 Andre Ethier OF Should get back to 30 HR with 100 RBI production
Steve 1 CC Sabathia P A pure workhorse that approaches or reaches 20 wins every year.

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