Mock Draft Rounds 11-13

Posted: March 8, 2011 in Mock Draft

The list continues….some questionable picks in this group for sure. Some potential gems in the rough though, as well.

Round 11      
Steve 1 John Danks SP Steady  ERA in the 3.60-3.70 range and WHIP under 1.25. Exactly what I’m looking for from a fourth starter. 
Geoff 1 Juan Pierre OF Speedster will pilfer at least forty. Should be set in SB with him and McCutch. 
Brent 1 Matt Garza  SP Always been a big fan of Garza. Switch to the NL could help his cause
Adam 1 Curtis Granderson OF A year of health won’t help him against LHP, but it will with everything else.
Adam 2 Trevor Cahill SP An increase in K rate and he’s a borderline #1 in fantasy as well as real life.
Brent 2 Tim Hudson SP Solid pitcher when healthy and last year showed that
Geoff 2 Aubrey Huff  1B  Decent numbers for an under the radar 1B. Will be solid but not GREAT
Steve 2 Josh Beckett SP Beckett skills diminishing or was last year an aberration? I’m betting aberration.
Steve 3 Ian Kennedy SP Live arm that’s learning how to fine tune his pitches in a weak division.
Geoff 3 Hiroki Kuroda SP Nothing special but won’t hurt you either. How’s that for a ringing endorsement?
Brent 3 Gio Gonzalez SP Repeat please!
Adam 3 Nick Markakis OF Now that he’s actually got some lineup protection, we’ll see how good he really is.
Round 12      
Adam 3 David Ortiz DH Still productive after all these years, at least after May.
Brent 3 Chris Perez RP Projecting a 30 saves season with great counting stats. 
Geoff 3 Jason Bay OF If he is healthy there’s no reason to think he can’t get back, or at least close, to where he was in 2008/2009.
Steve 3 Craig Kimbrel RP Should win closer’s role – the kid has electric stuff. 
Steve 2 Drew Storen RP See Kimbrel, Craig. 
Geoff 2 Javier Vazquez SP Has always been a NL pitcher. Betting on a return to pre-2010 numbers. 
Brent 2 Brad Lidge RP Closers starting to thin out a bit, needed to make a play for a potential 30 saves player. 
Adam 2 Francisco Rodriguez RP He should have a pretty good year if he stops beating up his father-in-law.
Adam 1 Joe Nathan RP Looks very good coming off of TJ surgery.  Should be back to his normal dominant form by May.
Brent 1 Jonathan Broxton RP I BELIEVE IN YOU JON…… no really I did in 2009. Did not want to jump on the wagon but this round has been CL filled
Geoff 1 Ricky Romero SP Good young pitcher. Won’t wow you but with be very serviceable
Steve 1 Huston Street RP Health is always a concern, but not a lot of sure-fire things available in these rounds.
Round 13      
Steve 1 Matt Thornton RP Jumbo Jenks is out of the picture – door now open for Thornton to step through.
Geoff 1 Ricky Nolasco SP Nolasco!
Brent 1 Jeremy Hellickson  SP Love his upside
Adam 1 Vladimir Guerrero DH There are worse things than hitting cleanup in Camden Yards.
Adam 2 Paul Konerko 1B Needed a little more team power, and this guy fits the bill nicely.
Brent 2 Andres Torres OF A nice mix of power and speed. 
Geoff 2 Howard Kendrick 2B With the Angels’ addition of Wells and return of Morales he should score a ton of runs. 
Steve 2 Torii Hunter OF Not the hitter he once was, but as a #3 OF he has a great deal of value. 
Steve 3 Adam Jones OF Still some upside here, and he’s hitting in a much improved O’s line-up this season. 
Geoff 3 Ryan Franklin RP Needed to get second closer before I got stuck with Mitch Williams
Brent 3 CJ Wilson SP Last year should be the beginning of his maturation as a pitcher. 
Adam 3 Brett Myers SP Finally got out of Philly and had a very nice year.

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