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Mock Draft Rounds 11-13

Posted: March 8, 2011 in Mock Draft

The list continues….some questionable picks in this group for sure. Some potential gems in the rough though, as well.

Round 11      
Steve 1 John Danks SP Steady  ERA in the 3.60-3.70 range and WHIP under 1.25. Exactly what I’m looking for from a fourth starter. 
Geoff 1 Juan Pierre OF Speedster will pilfer at least forty. Should be set in SB with him and McCutch. 
Brent 1 Matt Garza  SP Always been a big fan of Garza. Switch to the NL could help his cause
Adam 1 Curtis Granderson OF A year of health won’t help him against LHP, but it will with everything else.
Adam 2 Trevor Cahill SP An increase in K rate and he’s a borderline #1 in fantasy as well as real life.
Brent 2 Tim Hudson SP Solid pitcher when healthy and last year showed that
Geoff 2 Aubrey Huff  1B  Decent numbers for an under the radar 1B. Will be solid but not GREAT
Steve 2 Josh Beckett SP Beckett skills diminishing or was last year an aberration? I’m betting aberration.
Steve 3 Ian Kennedy SP Live arm that’s learning how to fine tune his pitches in a weak division.
Geoff 3 Hiroki Kuroda SP Nothing special but won’t hurt you either. How’s that for a ringing endorsement?
Brent 3 Gio Gonzalez SP Repeat please!
Adam 3 Nick Markakis OF Now that he’s actually got some lineup protection, we’ll see how good he really is.
Round 12      
Adam 3 David Ortiz DH Still productive after all these years, at least after May.
Brent 3 Chris Perez RP Projecting a 30 saves season with great counting stats. 
Geoff 3 Jason Bay OF If he is healthy there’s no reason to think he can’t get back, or at least close, to where he was in 2008/2009.
Steve 3 Craig Kimbrel RP Should win closer’s role – the kid has electric stuff. 
Steve 2 Drew Storen RP See Kimbrel, Craig. 
Geoff 2 Javier Vazquez SP Has always been a NL pitcher. Betting on a return to pre-2010 numbers. 
Brent 2 Brad Lidge RP Closers starting to thin out a bit, needed to make a play for a potential 30 saves player. 
Adam 2 Francisco Rodriguez RP He should have a pretty good year if he stops beating up his father-in-law.
Adam 1 Joe Nathan RP Looks very good coming off of TJ surgery.  Should be back to his normal dominant form by May.
Brent 1 Jonathan Broxton RP I BELIEVE IN YOU JON…… no really I did in 2009. Did not want to jump on the wagon but this round has been CL filled
Geoff 1 Ricky Romero SP Good young pitcher. Won’t wow you but with be very serviceable
Steve 1 Huston Street RP Health is always a concern, but not a lot of sure-fire things available in these rounds.
Round 13      
Steve 1 Matt Thornton RP Jumbo Jenks is out of the picture – door now open for Thornton to step through.
Geoff 1 Ricky Nolasco SP Nolasco!
Brent 1 Jeremy Hellickson  SP Love his upside
Adam 1 Vladimir Guerrero DH There are worse things than hitting cleanup in Camden Yards.
Adam 2 Paul Konerko 1B Needed a little more team power, and this guy fits the bill nicely.
Brent 2 Andres Torres OF A nice mix of power and speed. 
Geoff 2 Howard Kendrick 2B With the Angels’ addition of Wells and return of Morales he should score a ton of runs. 
Steve 2 Torii Hunter OF Not the hitter he once was, but as a #3 OF he has a great deal of value. 
Steve 3 Adam Jones OF Still some upside here, and he’s hitting in a much improved O’s line-up this season. 
Geoff 3 Ryan Franklin RP Needed to get second closer before I got stuck with Mitch Williams
Brent 3 CJ Wilson SP Last year should be the beginning of his maturation as a pitcher. 
Adam 3 Brett Myers SP Finally got out of Philly and had a very nice year.

Mock Draft Rounds 7-10

Posted: March 2, 2011 in Mock Draft

A little slow coming out of the gates, but here’s rounds seven through ten as we iron out the rest of the details.

Round 7      
Steve 1 BJ Upton OF The lesser of the the Uptons-batting average is a worry but steals are not.
Geoff 1 Brian Wilson RP Somebody has to be the first closer to go, Wilson is as good as any of them. 
Brent 1 Aramis Ramirez 3B He can’t kill me two years in a row……Right?
Adam 1 Matt Cain SP Last year’s playoffs were his coming-out party.  He’s now officially reached ace status.
Adam 2 Ichiro Suzuki OF Batting average and stolen bases will be excellent, but how many runs will he score?
Brent 2 Chris Young  OF A repeat of last year and he and Pence will compliment each other nicely in my OF.
Geoff 2 Brett Gardner OF The on-base skills will lead to tons of SB and runs in this line-up
Steve 2 Jay Bruce OF Feels like we’ve been waiting for the huge breakout from Bruce for awhile. Talent to produce as a #2 OF.
Steve 3 Pablo Sandoval 3B Might be reaching here. Hoping for a bounce back from Kung-Fu Fatty.
Geoff 3 Martin Prado  3B In a decent lineup, Prado should be very productive this year and is multi-position eligible.
Brent 3 Corey Hart  OF  No Comment
Adam 3 Clay Buchholz SP ERA of 2.20 and WHIP of 1.15 after the All-Star break for a guy just hitting his stride?  Yes, please.
Round 8      
Adam 3 Delmon Young OF All of his stats are trending the right way.  Hard to believe he’s still only 25.
Brent 3 Max Scherzer SP Big K numbers to come….. This is a love/hate relationship and I love to hate him!
Geoff 3 Mariano Rivera RP SOLID SOLID SOLID even at the young age of 57
Steve 3 Gordon Beckham 2B A nice bounce back candidate. Great second half last year.
Steve 2 Daniel Hudson SP Electric stuff with the ability to maintain the coveted K/IP
Geoff 2 Alexei Ramirez SS Remarkably consistent and helpful in every category.
Brent 2 Roy Oswalt SP When healthy this guy’s as good as anybody except maybe the rest of the Phillies rotation.
Adam 2 Joakim Soria RP The best closer that doesn’t rhyme with “bar piano.”
Adam 1 Dan Haren SP Bad: back in the American League.  Good: back in the American League West.
Brent 1 Heath Bell RP Lots of low-scoring games in San Diego mean lots of saves.
Geoff 1 Michael Young 3B Good in Texas.  Might be even better in Colorado if he gets traded.
Steve 1 Pedro Alvarez 3B Along with the Dread Pirate McCutchen, he’s going to be keystone in the Bucs’ rebuilding process. 
Round 9      
Steve 1 Kelly Johnson 2B Not completely sold on his 2010 numbers, but if he comes close to repeating then he’s a bargain here.
Geoff 1 Ted Lilly SP Undervalued and underappreciated starter. Should continue to be a solid #3 pitcher every fifth day. 
Brent 1 Ben Zobrist 2B Which version of Zobrist is the real deal, 2009 or 2010? We’ll find out this year. 
Adam 1 Carlos Marmol RP Huge Ks for a closer and good SV totals, but gets there in some interesting ways.
Adam 2 Brett Anderson SP People seem to be holding 1st half health last year against him.  Look at the 2nd half stats.
Brent 2 Neftali Feliz RP He’ll probably be closing, but even if he starts he’s valuable.
Geoff 2 Jonathan Papelbon RP Had a bad season last year, but now he’s close to cashing in on free agency.
Steve 2 Brandon Morrow SP  Should get tons of run protection and his skill set is still on the rise. 
Steve 3 Elvis Andrus SS If last year’s playoffs were any indication of his ceiling, 2011 may be tremendous. 
Geoff 3 Jonathan Sanchez SP 200 Ks and improves every year…… 
Brent 3 Stephen Drew SS I think the potential has been there for years. Lets hope it comes out this year. 
Adam 3 J.J. Putz RP He’s been an elite closer before, and he’s healthy again.
Round 10      
Adam 3 John Axford RP Might as well solidify my closers now; might not get the chance again.
Brent 3 Casey McGehee 3B Should get plenty of RBI opportunities while hitting in stacked Brewers lineup.
Geoff 3 Drew Stubbs OF Best chance to become this season’s version of CarGo (minus the batting average) due to his 20/30 upside. 
Steve 3 Shawn Marcum SP Like most pitchers, he’ll benefit from move to NL. Would have been fine picking him here if he was in Toronto.
Steve 2 Andrew Bailey RP Need to finally start making a couple of closer picks, as much as I want to Sean Landetta saves. 
Geoff 2 Ryan Dempster SP Great numbers to have as a number three fantasy starter. 
Brent 2 Wandy Rodriguez SP A bit of a roller coaster at times last year, but final numbers were more than solid. 
Adam 2 Colby Rasmus OF Don’t like his K rate, but everything else suggests a star-in-waiting.  
Adam 1 Chad Billingsley SP As soon as he lowers his BBs, he’ll be a true ace.  Flying completely under the radar this year.
Brent 1 Colby Lewis SP Competed in the hot Texas summer and came away with great overall numbers. Can he do it twice in a row?
Geoff 1 Neil Walker 2B Will be hitting in what may turn out to be a surprisingly potent Bucs line-up. 
Steve 1 Jhoulys Chacin SP Could be Ubaldo-lite this year. Has the potential to reach 200 K if he can log enough innings. 

Mock Draft Rounds 5 and 6

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Mock Draft

Rounds five and six this morning, hoping to add seven and eight later today….

Round 5      
Steve 1 Jacoby Ellsbury OF A healthy bounce back year. 130 runs and 50 swipes is possible.
Geoff 1 Jimmy Rollins SS May be on wrong side of career but still capable of strong outputs if healthy.
Brent 1 Jayson Werth  OF Not excited about new park but the guy can still produce.
Adam 1 Brandon Phillips 2B Remarkably consistent performer at a position starting to get very thin.
Adam 2 Justin Verlander SP The very definition of an ace.  Great stats virtually every year.
Brent 2 Clayton Kershaw SP 23 years old and already pitching at an elite level. 
Geoff 2 Chris Carpenter SP The strike-outs are a little low, but his wins and peripherals are rock solid. 
Steve 2 Zack Greinke SP Former Cy winner should benefit from move to the NL.
Steve 3 Ubaldo Jimenez SP The run of starting pitchers continues. One of the last true aces left on the board.
Geoff 3 Alex Rios OF Looking at 20/30 production to along with Hamilton. Great one-two OF punch. 
Brent 3 Mike Stanton OF Might be a little early for Stanton but if he lives up to the hype he is well worth it.
Adam 3 Rickie Weeks 2B If he stays healthy and cuts down on the Ks, this is a great value pick.  If not….
Round 6      
Adam 3 Cole Hamels SP He might be the 4th starter in the Phillies’ rotation, but he’d be the 1st for most teams.
Brent 3 Brian McCann C Gotta Love a good hitting catcher. Has a lot more help in his lineup this year to boot.
Geoff 3 Jered Weaver SP A near lock for 200 Ks and a great ERA.
Steve 3 Carlos Santana C Best available catcher, potential to outperform his draft slot by a ton.
Steve 2 Adrian Beltre 3B The move out of Fenway is a wash due to the launching pad known as Arlington.
Geoff 2 Mat Latos SP Great stuff and gets half his starts in a pitcher’s park.
Brent 2 Hunter Pence OF 20-20-90-90 .280  if he repeats owners will be happy with those numbers
Adam 2 David Price SP He’s an ace already, has electric stuff, and is just starting to put it all together.
Adam 1 Shane Victorino OF Solid in every category and poised to have a big year at the top of the Phillies’ lineup.
Brent 1 Tommy Hanson SP Might be my favorite young pitcher! Has all the makings for an ACE. 200 Ks this year possible
Geoff 1 Francisco Liriano SP Very solid year last year let’s hope he stays healthy.
Steve 1 Yovani Gallardo SP A solid number two that should have some pressure taken off him w/ addition of Greinke and Marcum.

Mock Draft Rounds 3 and 4

Posted: February 9, 2011 in Mock Draft

The mocking continues…in my opinion the real fun starts after round 4. We’ll take a look at rounds five and six tomorrow.

Round 3      
Steve 1 Joe Mauer C Not a big fan of taking a catcher with 3rd pick, but his perennial battle for a batting title is undeniable.
Geoff 1 Andrew McCutchen OF Some may think this is early for the Dread Pirate, but I’ll take a 20/30 anyday.
Brent 1 Shin Soo Choo OF I think Choo Is one of the safest players in Baseball. 300-90-20-90-20 
Adam 1 Matt Kemp OF A 20-20 guy even in a bad year, he should be much better with Joe Torre not around.
Adam 2 Buster Posey C/1B Young stud should get more PA than a normal C since he’ll be playing 1B on days he doesn’t catch.
Brent 2 Jose Reyes SS Healthy Reyes gives me much needed production from weak position.
Geoff 2 Jose Bautista 3B/OF Even if he comes back down to earth, he’ll still hit 30 HR with a high OBP.
Steve 2 Derek Jeter SS This is higher than his #’s from last season should dictate, but I really feel like he’ll play up to this draft spot.
Steve 3 Justin Upton OF 2010 was a down year, but Upton’s talents are far too impressive to pass up. 
Geoff 3 Kendry Morales 1B Freak injury last year shouldn’t affect his power or production moving forward. 
Brent 3 Ian Kinsler 2B Solid all around when healthy
Adam 3 Tim Lincecum SP 2-time Cy Young winner is still one of the elite, but at a reduced price this year.
 Round 4      
Adam 3 Nelson Cruz OF If he stays healthy, this guy is a 5-category monster.
Brent 3 Adam Dunn 1B 50 HR possible in new home!
Geoff 3 Adam Wainwright P Consistency is hard to come by with pitching; there’s no reason to think he won’t be great again this season.
Steve 3 Cliff Lee P See Wainwright, Adam.
Steve 2 Dan Uggla 2B 30 HR power now hitting in a much better lineup.
Geoff 2 Victor Martinez C/1B Solid if not spectacular production. Should see more fastballs with Miggy hitting behind him.
Brent 2 Justin Morneau 1B Back to normal this year will bring solid numbers. .300-30-100-100 possible with healthy lineup.
Adam 2 Jason Heyward OF Can’t believe he’s still here.  Paying a bit for potential, but already very good.
Adam 1 Jon Lester SP Future Cy Young winner just entering his prime.  Is this the year?
Brent 1 Josh Johnson SP With a few more wins could be elite fantasy pitcher.
Geoff 1 Andre Ethier OF Should get back to 30 HR with 100 RBI production
Steve 1 CC Sabathia P A pure workhorse that approaches or reaches 20 wins every year.

Mock Draft Round 2

Posted: February 8, 2011 in Mock Draft

As we continue to work on our 2011 Mock Draft we will be slowly rolling out a few rounds at a time. We will post the draft in its entirety (without comments) at the conclusion of this process in addition to each team’s complete roster. Here are the results of Round 2. Rounds three and four should follow later this afternoon.

Adam 3 David Wright 3B His K rate last year was alarming, but he’s the most complete player left.
Brent 3 Roy Halladay SP Lifetime .123 BA, but a heck of a good pitcher.
Geoff 3 Chase Utley 2B He’s healthy, and will put up big numbers this year. .290-110-30-95-15.
Steve 3 Matt Holliday OF Steady as it comes. Protection from Pujols certainly doesn’t hurt either.
Steve 2 Mark Teixeira 1B A premier power hitter that brings his hard hat and lunch pail everyday.
Geoff 2 Ryan Howard 1B He’s not going to hit under 40 this year. I’m guessing 48 and 2 steals.
Brent 2 Ryan Zimmerman  3B Shallow position and not many great 3B left. Will go nice with Cano.
Adam 2 Dustin Pedroia 2B The “Laser Show” should be primed for a career year in the Sox’ new lineup.
Adam 1 Alex Rodriguez 3B As long as his hip cooperates, he’s the last elite 3B option on the board.
Brent 1 Kevin Youkilis  1B His 3rd base eligibilty will help his value and my gut is next one is way down the list.
Geoff 1 Felix Hernandez SP As solid as they get for SP. With a li’l help from his lineup he could be #1 SP.
Steve 1 Prince Fielder 1B If his every other season production continues, then he’s in for a monster season.

Mock Draft 2011

Posted: February 4, 2011 in Mock Draft

As the 2011 Major League Baseball season approaches, so do fantasy baseball drafts and auctions. Backwoods Baseball is no exception, as we’ve begun our annual Mock Draft. The format is simple: each owner is responsible for 3 teams in a 12-team mixed league and each roster must include 24 total players. We’ll be drafting under the guise of a standard 5×5 scoring system. Complete results will be posted at the conclusion of the snake draft, with each owner’s thoughts and opinions on their teams mixed in throughout. Here’s  a sneak peek at our first twelve choices:

Steve 1 Hanley Ramirez SS Very shallow position and I think he’ll perform at career high levels.
Geoff 1 Albert Pujols 1B One of the greatest players of all time – in his prime.
Brent 1 Troy Tulowitzki SS Tulo and any top 12 1B is better than Miggy and the next best SS.
Adam 1 Miguel Cabrera 1B Along with Pujols, the only guy without any real concerns.  A total stud.
Adam 2 Evan Longoria 3B Just coming into his prime, he’s the best player at a surprisingly thin position.
Brent 2 Robinson Cano 2B Wanted to make sure I got number one at the position.
Geoff 2 Carlos Gonzalez OF .330-125-38-125-30 potential. Triple crown contender.
Steve 2 Carl Crawford OF 5 category production hitting infront of Youkilis and A-Gon.
Steve 3 Joey Votto 1B Breakout season just the beginning for Votto.
Geoff 3 Josh Hamilton OF If healthy for 150+ games… imagine the numbers – pure hitter.
Brent 3 Ryan Braun OF 5 Category production.
Adam 3 Adrian Gonzalez 1B His swing is perfect for Fenway, and now he’s actually got lineup protection.


Check back often for updates and results of the full 24- round process. We welcome all feedback and thoughts on our picks.